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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2010 2:00am-2:30am PST

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a report on that. we did of a discussion on the department's 2010 budget, and there was no new business. because our hands were full. thank you. president yee riley: 80. next item. clerk: commissioners, we are now on the president's report, which allows the president to report on the small business activities. president yee riley: well, i attended a meeting on community development, and there was a great presentation from the mayor's office of economic and work force development on their goals, objectives, and the funding strategy, which was very educational for me. legislation and policies, and commissioner dooley already reported it, and august 3, that was the day we had the new
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commissioner, commissioner kasselman, sworn in, and commissioner o'brien also gets sworn in. so that is it. thank you. clerk: commissioners, items number 13, vice president's report. vice president clyde: i would like to begin my report by recognizing a woman who gave extraordinary service to the small business community and to the san francisco community, joanie chang, who passed away a few weeks ago at age 41. she was a compliance officer with standards enforcement. she was charged with implementing the groundbreaking
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san francisco law that created healthy san francisco, and the reason i would want to recognize her is that she was a real model in how to educate the community, how to communicate with the small business community. she did it with grace. she did it with just great intelligence and compassion, and i think that the small business community should really an extent -- note should really extend our -- should really extend our sympathies. she was taken way too soon. she believes newborn twins and her partner, -- she leaves newborn twins and her partner. she was only 41 years old, and she is diagnosed with cancer seven weeks ago, -- was diagnosed with cancer seven weeks ago.
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for the members who would like to send condolences, there is a website that was created by her friends and family. it is bakeanapple, and i would like to think the office of supervisor campos for providing this information and, again, to her partner, and to the new twins. i would like to send, you know, our condolences and our appreciation. thank you, so i am just going to move on. i did attend a convention with bettie yi. she is our representative to the state board of equalization. she made it very clear that she did not favor a patchwork of
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regulations regarding the alcohol industry because it is so difficult to work. she did make it clear that her office is not interested -- her office is interested in keeping small businesses operating, and her office will work with businesses that are having trouble meeting their tax payments. she was very clear in response to members of the public. the state board equalization now requires substantial deposits from businesses, businesses, who do not have track records or businesses that are changing their corporate structure. that was brought up at this meeting. her office is responsive to the
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synthesis go small business community. please contact and the board to work note payments and to work out schedules. she is focused on we are still in economic crisis, and she emphasized that she did not want to see businesses closing. she also discussed marijuana and the challenges of legalization and taxation of the marijuana industry and challenges of the industry that is threatening to pick up and leave if they are taxed. this is going to be extremely challenging.
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the merchants organization in north beach did note -- did have a presentation, and i will encourage everyone to support this fund project. thanks. president yee riley: thank you. next item, please. clerk: next item, commissioner 14, commissioner reports. vice president clyde: i have been trying to keep the small business public more informed about the proposed congestion pricing that is being proposed by cta, which is creating a very large corridor in our city that
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would be charging a fee of entry and exit, morning hours and afternoon hours, perhaps in each direction, and the possible impact that might have on our small businesses. i attempted. attended a workshop cta last month and brought up some of the concerns of the small business community which i attended a workshop. -- i attended a workshop. also, phil did a report on this for channel 5 news, and it was also mentioned in the column, so i just want to continue to keep putting this in front of the public as much as possible so we can get some feedback and have folks be aware about what the potential costs might be in the business community.
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president yee riley: thank you. anymore reports from the commission? seeing none, next item, please. clerk: commissioners, item number 15, general public comment. president yee riley: seeing none, public comment is closed. clerk: commissioners, item number 16, new business, which allows commissioners to introduce new items for future consideration by president yee riley: the riley: -- consideration by the commission. president yee riley: seeing none, next item, please. clerk: item number 17, adjournment. commissioners, the meeting is adjourned at 11:46 p.m.
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